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20 Habits Good Leaders Will Want To Stop

a hand held out in the 'stop' position

What bad habits do you see in leaders around you or even recognise in yourself?

Click the button below to download the infographic, or scroll down for the video...

Behavioural development is an obvious factor to consider for leadership and team dynamics.

Whether we recognise it or not our behaviours change constantly, often in a very subtle way over a period of time. Some of our behaviours now will not be the same as they were perhaps 6 months ago, 6 years ago and longer. Behaviours can be moderated or exaggerated based on a lot of things such as specific events, environments, people around us, emotional stresses, desires or needs being fulfilled or not etc.

However, sometimes negative behaviours can become embedded without us realising it, becoming bad habits which can be difficult to shift without enhanced levels of self-awareness, acceptance and a conscious effort to change.

So while we often reflect on behavioural change in terms of what we might need to start doing differently, we also need to consider the things we need to STOP doing to improve interpersonal relationships - both at home and at work, leadership skills and team effectiveness.

In terms of leadership, author and one of the most-renowned executive coaches, Marshall Goldsmith in his book 'What got you here won't get you there' shares 20 habits that leaders should look to stop. Click on the video below to explore these 20 habits...

Do you recognise any of these in in other leaders around you, or perhaps even yourself?

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Article by Trevor Norman

Trevor is a Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Coach leadership coach and cognitive behavioural therapist and specialises in organisational behavioural analytics and team dynamics.



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