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Everyone is different and unique and so our bespoke individual development programmes are designed to incorporate flexibility to suit the individuals involved. Starting with behavioural diagnostics, our 1:1 coaching enables us to understand each individual and their potential strengths and possible derailers. We use a range of varied approaches including, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Coaching, as well as various tools and techniques to suit individual needs and personal preferences. Our approach is designed to grow people to support their career development, and potential, and help them generally in life to improve their outlook and find fulfilment. We do this by building trust and applying the Tribero solutions, such as our own C-AM (Coaching Alignment Model) to make significant progress for lasting change and outstanding results.

Blue Eyes

Knowing Oneself


Finding Reason

Architect at Work

Doing Something



The Coaching Alignment Model is designed to focus on neurological levels of change and give structure towards exploring areas of self-awareness and personal identity to identify and motivate you to achieve overall purpose and fulfilment in your career and your personal life.


The C-AM is broken in to 6 elements and focus will be given to each of these, not necessarily in a linear order. However for lasting change to take place and desired outcomes achieved all 6 elements need to be aligned otherwise you may not reach your personal goals or feel fulfilled. You may also potentially feel emotional turmoil in some aspects of you life without true alignment.

Image by Ales Krivec


Context of what you want, what you feel and what you think is your true inner . . .

1. Purpose

Your reason for being . . . identify and align your goals

2. Identity

Your self of sense and emotional connection to your purpose . . . you must be who you can be

3. Values & Beliefs

What is truly important to you and what you believe in . . . shape who you are and how you behave

4. Capability

Competency levels to achieve . . . growing your education, knowledge and skills

5. Behaviours

Impacting the results you get . . . what people will judge you on

6. Environment

Context of your situation . . . the when, the where and the who with





If you are looking to change any aspect of your life, whether it be certain behaviours, your career or something else that is causing you emotional turmoil right now, you need a strategy of how you are going to do it. Working with a coach can be a great way to help you develop and implement this strategy.

To start this process we would like you to complete a 20 minute 'preference questionnaire' which will give you and us unique insight in to your personal strengths and areas that are perhaps holding you back just now.

Give us your details below and we will be in touch for an initial chat where we can share more information about how our self-awareness tools, personal reports and a Tribero coach can help you with your strategy for change.


Behavioural Traits Report

Exploring your personal preferences and natural tendencies to understand your life themes and potential career strengths


Paradox Graph & Narrative

This unique awareness of your paradoxical behaviours will help you to identify potential strengths and predict future detailers.


Fulfilment Analysis

Employee engagement, career expectations and levels of fulfilment can be objectively measured to guide your career pathway

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