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Building High Performance Teams

Aligning behaviours to organisational culture, team dynamics and job success

Our unique 4D talent acquisition 4-step process, powered by the sophisticated Harrison Assessment SmartQuestionnaire, enables you to assess potential candidate behaviours, personal preferences, core motivators and natural tendencies for cultural fit, team dynamics and specific job success whilst also aligning business objectives to the individuals purpose and levels of fulfilment.

Team members need to know the part they will play in the organisation’s goals and strategies and how they can contribute to the organisation's performance and success, in order to find purpose in their work and to be fully engaged with their role.


Understanding the purpose of the actual role and where it fits within the organisation and making sure the candidate's strengths, intrinsic motivators and enjoyment factors align with this gives the best possible chance of both individual fulfilment and performance within the role.  ​

4D - A unique 4-step approach

The unique 4-step approach maps the acquisition journey from start to finish and is completely bespoke to match the requirements of the role and the cultural fit of your organisation. 

The 4D process enables us to find the right person for the right job. We work with you to facilitate and develop a customised and unique job performance formula, including behavioural success factors, which objectively measures for both candidate eligibility and suitability. 

Results from the objective digital assessment are used to screen all candidates to identify your talent pool and create a strong shortlist of high-potential candidates for the interview phase.


Comprehensive reports, interview and attraction guides help you to explore the fit and expectations of both organisation and candidate, so you can make a confident decision. 

Delivering a 4D campaign

4D Key business benefits

What Our Clients Say . . .

"We’ve reduced our whole acquisition lead time from 6 weeks to just get to the first interview to 6 weeks in total, and we are now able to screen high potential candidates for interview immediately from the talent dashboard – using this system gets the right people in place without losing time.”  


Isabelle Huysmans, General Manager EMEA, Microline Surgical International 

4D Product Options

4D Entry
Standard Reports

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System Set-up & Access

Smart Questionnaire

Behavioural Reports

4D Lite
+ Reports & Interpretation

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Advanced Reports

Report Interpretation

Interview Guides

+ Customised to Organisation

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Interactive Dashboard

Values Alignment

Job Success Formula's

4D Plus
High Volume Applicants

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Applicant Tracking

Unlimited Screening

Campaign Support

4D Information Leaflet

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4D Talent Acquisition

Product information leaflet


Various assessments and reports are used to support the 4D process and confident decision making.  

Download some examples below to get an insight in to the unique 4D approach. 

Harrison Example Report - Job Success Analysis-page-001.jpg

Job Success

Harrison Example Report - Values BC overview-page-001.jpg

Customised Values 
Behavioural Competency

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