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Why some teams come together to work well... and some don't

The most successful organisations are made up of great teams. Even a company full of individual top performers won't succeed if those individuals don't have the ability to work well together.

Building and maintaining trust between team members is no easy task. A team consisting of just a few people brings with it a wide range of individual preferences, personal values and intrinsic motivations. There will also be a host of different behavioural patterns, natural tendencies and communication styles that will have an impact on how the team come together.

We ran a webinar with Harrison Assessments where we explored:

  • Key characteristics of high performing teams

  • How physiology can impact team dynamics

  • The paradoxical behaviours that can make or break the team dynamic

Watch the webinar recording here:

+ FREE 36-page interactive guide

Featuring 25 questions, factors and tips to help you build a high performing team:


Tribero is proud to be an authorised reseller and Solutions Partner of Harrison Assessments. You can find out more about Paradoxical Behaviours and Harrison Assessments here.

If you'd like to talk to us about anything from this webinar, please email or head over to our Contact page and leave your details and we will get in touch.

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