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impacT Team Audit

A structured approach to identify, explore and develop High Performing Teams

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The Tribero impacT team model explores the key characteristics that have been proven to make outstanding high performing teams.


IDENTITY... developed and formed through enhanced self-awareness of team members.

MINDSET... Developing a 'Healthy Outlook' and a positive mindset towards the future.

PURPOSE... Understanding the 'WHY' of the team and the line of sight to the organisational vision.


ALIGNMENT... developing aligned goals with a collaborative approach and shared responsibility measured by key performance indicators.

COMMUNICATION... understanding and appreciating other's styles and perspectives to develop empathy and build positive relationships.

TRUST... or, psychological safety - the number one factor for effective high-performing teams.

This audit enables you and your team to explore each one of the six key characteristics to see how teams can be developed and grow together collectively to build the most important factor of all . . . TRUST!

We have two options for you to complete this audit for your own team:


  • Complete the form below to DOWNLOAD the 44 page step-by-step guided audit PDF, which includes 18 FREE recommended resources


  • Complete the form below to REQUEST a free automated online audit with visual reports, including 18 FREE recommended resources 


Manual Audit
Free Guided PDF

44 page step-by-step guided audit PDF to print or
share with your team, which includes 18 FREE
recommended resources

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This guided audit is designed to be completed by both the leader of a team and by the team members, facilitated by the team leader. 


Results can be shared and explored with the team, and individual and team action plans created, incorporating the provided recommendations and resources where appropriate.

Complete the form below and you will be able to download your impacT team audit PDF


>>>Click here to download your PDF<<<


Free Automated Online Audit

Automated online audit activity for your team, with collated results and visual reports, including the 18 FREE recommended resources

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We will send each member of your team a link to complete this audit online.


The fully automated online process collates the results and creates your visual team reports to identify potential strengths, gaps and areas for development.

Complete the form below and we will be in touch to set up your online impacT team audit


Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch soon to send your audit

Please note this is a free offer, Tribero will respect the data and privacy of your organisation at all times. You can find our privacy policy here.

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