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Retain your talent... 6 key questions!

If people enjoy what they do and feel fulfilled in the things that are important to them they are far more likely to perform, be a trusted and effective team member and are much more likely to stay. The days of just thinking people will come to work and do as you except just because they get paid to do so are long gone. It needs a much more thought-out approach to optimise people’s potential and build effective team dynamics. High performance comes from people. People perform when they are engaged. Engagement comes when people have a clear sense of direction of where the organisation is going and why, there is an alignment of core values, they are managed well and are listened to.

Individual Employment and Engagement Expectations

A key element of the engagement process is to understand the employee's employment expectations as this will be different and unique to each individual. Open and honest ongoing conversations between managers and employees support this process and help the organisation and manager understand and fully appreciate the individual’s preferences, desires and career expectations and only once you understand this can you measure levels of fulfilment for the individuals.

Engagement is a shared responsibility and a dynamic relationship between the employee, the manager and the organisation. Therefore, not only do we need to understand how the individual expectations can be supported by the organisation or the manager, we also need to explore the individuals' behaviours that will support and enable their fulfilment.

This short video explores 8 areas of employee expectations and 6 key questions to help you support performance, enhance fulfilment and retain your talent.


Engagement and Employment Expectations Report

The Harrison Assessment Individual Employee Engagement Assessment maps individual employees passions, motivations, preferences, expectations and the degree to which each expectation is being fulfilled, or not.

The Engagement and Employment Expectations report provides the objective analytics which open the opportunity for a highly effective engagement discussion and encourages the shared responsibility for engagement.

Read more and download a sample report here.

Engagement and Fulfilment Trends

Tracking employee engagement and levels of fulfilment via a pulse survey each quarter, for example, can identify trends both positive or negative which provide the analytics to create appropriate action plans for improvement, performance and retention across individual employees, teams, or the entire organisation.

This can be easily done on a regular basis, taking only 2-3 minutes to complete the online pulse survey. Click on the button below to find out more about exploring expectations and measuring fulfilment for your team or organisation.

Alternatively, you can send an email to and we will get in touch.

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Article by Trevor Norman

Trevor is a leadership coach and cognitive behavioural therapist and specialises in organisational behavioural analytics and team dynamics.

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